Quizbowl Lingo

If you actually want to learn the quizbowl language, visit the PACE Quizbowl Lexicon.

UCLA Vocabulary List

NOTE: the old lexicon prior to 2008 is found here.

1. A game often played mid-season in the NBA, NHL, and MLB featuring the best talents of each league playing no defense in an effort to not get hurt.
2. A game of picking figures from history such as Shakespeare, Newton, Lincoln, and Nietzsche to be on a hypothetical team that will be sent to ACF nationals after a month of intense preparation. The trick is to pick complementary figures with non-overlapping areas of expertise who can faciliate cooperation within the team, or cause chaos among other teams (a reason why Attila the Hun is so valuable).
3. A game with questions written by G. W. F. Hegel, and rigged by Jay Gould.
4. A game invented by Keith Stephens, Jay Turetzky, and Sarah Buchanan.

1. A show on CBS.
2. A game involving answer questions and solving riddles at various locations in and around Westwood.
3. A game involving searching down Jay Turetzky (who was sick) for tournament breakfast by breaking into MBI, searching for his address on facebook, and entering Calvin Pan's office illicitly.
4. Invented and soon to be implemented by Chris Ngoon.

1. In the style of a badly written tossup, a subject of intense investigation and discussion undertaken by various people in certain situations.
2. Often promulgated by Kiefer "Animal Spirit" McStephens.

1. Products that are built to last, such as dishwashers and autoclaves.
2. A person who works for a living, usually paid, unless she's a student.
3. A combination of a Maytag and a technician, such as that exemplified by one who washes the beakers for a molecular biology lab in exchange for a recommendation letter for med school. Known to have worked for Jay Turetzky.

1. A member of the professional hockey team that plays in the bay area.
2. A cop who issues speeding tickets to non-California residents such as unfortunate quizbowler Jay Turetzky even when everyone else is going just as fast, especially active on the 101 south (see SHARK TERRITORY). Known to have sharp teeth, bright lights, and massive fins, though generally very sneaky.
3. The cause of a dent (bite) in your wallet.

1. The HP Pavilion (now the SAP Center) in San Jose, AKA the Shark tank.
2. A stretch of the 101 south between Evergreen and Gilroy where numerous Sharks operate (see SAN JOSE SHARK) in meeting quotas.
3. Any state outside California, the license of which when possessed entitles drivers to pay San Jose city an obscene amount of money for animal control.

1. An unknowing deliverer of contraband goods, such as Chinese laptops.
2. A pretty cool Jason Statham movie.
3. A driver who is not allowed to ask questions regarding her passenger's shady requests, and watches as suitcases are exchanged for sandwiches.
4. A role undertaken by Ray Luo while driving up the 5 from Los Angeles when suddenly Chris requested a stop at Grapevine to exchange a large piece of luggage for various food items from (random) freeway pedestrians. The sandwiches were ultimately naively consumed by Ray Luo, Tirth Patel, and Lev Trubov, though Jeffrey Buenaflor alertly refused, and never paid the price.