2007 College Jeopardy Championship

UCLA College Bowl's very own Cliff Galiher wins the 2007 Jeopardy! College Championship, taking home $100,000.

Press release from Jeopardy (local copy).

Article from Daily Bruin and local copy.

Other coverage includes: Cliff being called "A Beautiful Mind" by Sports Illustrated (local copy), Jeopardy being referred to as an NCAA sport as well as Jeopardus Awesomenus by Daily Bruin (local), UCLA's best and brightest compared against USC in UCLA Magazine (local), hometown props from Half Moon Bay Review (local), and the obligatory listing found on Wikipedia.

(Photo by Jeopardy! Productions)

2006 CBI National Champions

Left to right: Dwight Wynne, Charles Meigs, Cliff Galiher, Jay Turetzky.

Press release from CBI and local copy.

Recognition from ASUCLA and local copy.

(Photo by College Bowl Inc.)

2004 NAQT Div II National Champions

Left to right: Charles Meigs, Dwight Wynne, Matthew Sherman.

Press release from NAQT and local copy.

Past Members

2011-2012 Officers

President: Michael Skuhersky
Vice-President: Jennifer Huynh
Treasurer: Mik Larsen
Secretary: Ian Drayer

2008 New Members

Arash AshtariAerospace Eng1st-year"TBD."
Raisa AvezovaUnknown1st-year"TBD."
Mia BennettPoli Sci / Geography / Swedish / French2nd-year"TBD."
Davin BlekebergEconomics International Area Studies1st-year"A man's gotta do
what a man's gotta do."
Sarah BuchananInformation Studies1st-grad"TBD."
Gina FrassettoAnthropology / Comp Lit / German2nd-year"TBD."
Maxwell GruberPhilosophy1st-year"TBD."
Julia KuznetsovPoli Sci / Russian2nd-year"TBD."
Chris NgoonBiochemistry1st-year"TBD."
Ky Thien NguyenBiochemistry1st-year"TBD."
Tirth PatelMIMG1st-year"Peacock boy."
Seema UllalUndecided1st-year"TBD."
Michael WeismeyerHistory1st-grad"TBD."

2007 New Members

Jeffrey BuenaflorBiochemistry1st-year"When it rains, it pours."
Camille LeHistory1st-year"TBD."
Andrea LiouPhilosophy / Economics / Mathematics2nd-year"TBD."
Argie MinaUnknown1st-year"TBD."
Shrinivas MohanComputer Science1st-grad"TBD."
Krystal de la RosaNeuroscience / Med3rd-year"TBD."
Keith StephensMathematics1st-year"TBD."

2006 New Members

Tamora von BrujnMathematics1st-grad"Systematic chaos."
Donna LeeChemistry1st-year"I <3 chemistry."
Yvonne LyCommunications1st-year"Recycle or burn."
David MarinoMusic History2nd-year"Mozart is a fat vagina."
Ravi MenghaniMBA1st-grad"He's back."
Richard NguyenUndeclared1st-year"I go clubbing."
Daniel NuyujukianComp Sys Bio1st-year"That would be Nora Zeale Hurston."
Lev TrubovMech Engineer1st-grad"The Russian and military history and Star Wars specialist."

2006 Group Photo

Left to right: Donna Lee, Daniel Nyujukian, Yvonne Ly, Lev Trubov, Calvin Pan, Ray Luo, Kha Lai, Dwight Wynne, Cliff Galiher, and Jay Turetzky.

2006 Members

Tony AdkissonEnglish1st-year"Look how far the road looks from here!"
K. C. BennettPhysics1st-year"Chess and objectivism."
Megan CorrentiArt1st-year"I'm just the trash player."
Marisa TateAmerican Lit1st-year"Blank."
Clifford GaliherFilm / TV1st-year"I never make stupid mistakes, only very, very clever ones."
Mary HuangDesign1st-year"Inconceivable!"
Steve KaplanLawgraduate"No comment."
Matthew KaufmanBusiness1st-grad"He plays trash."
Kha LaiBiochemistry2nd-year"Fools! I'll destroy them all!"
Sharlene LeePolitical Sci4th-year"None."
Ray LuoNeuroscience1st-grad"We're a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-gender club."
Charles MeigsHistory4th-year"Fan of CBI."
Eok NgoGeographygraduate"Hawkeye."
Bac NguyenBiochemistry2nd-year"I am the most hafinous playa hater."
Calvin PanBioinformatics2nd-grad"General Equilibrium."
Navin SharmaMBA1st-year"Tennis."
Ben TregerClassics1st-year"That sounds like a wager to me!"
J. Elizabeth DyePsychology1st-grad"Moabite."
Jay TuretzkyACCESS1st-grad"UC Merced fan club."
Lisa WuNeuroscience1st-grad"Skuld."
Dwight WynneCybernetics3rd-year"Generalized ___ rock and keeper of the buzzer system."
Zenobia ZemlinskyJewish Studies1st-year"Pot, Paganism, and Perdition."

Past Members

2005 Matthew Sherman (president), Erik Nielsen, John Shifton, Jimmy Dunn.

2004 Ravi Menghani (consul), Mike Cho (consul), Howard Song (president), Matthieu Reich (treasurer), Mike Yo, Shane Brengle.

2003 Patrick Friel (consul), Jonathan Soon (treasurer), Brett Banakis.

2002 Asmin "Oz" Pathare (consul), Vincent Lam (president), Adam Buchen (vice president), Sumir Kataria (treasurer).

2001 Pearl Lu (treasurer), Noriko Ho (secretary).

2000 Andrew Ren (vice president), Russell Feller (treasurer), Kitty Fung (secretary).